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Give Respect Get Respect Anti-Bias Program Impacts South Tech Students

Give Respect Get Respect Anti-Bias Program Impacts South Tech Students

Edward Jones takes diversity awareness seriously and to the next level. Collaborating with Diversity Awareness Partnership (DAP) this company sponsors opportunities for their associates to participate in a diversity awareness program, “Give Respect Get Respect (GRGR).” Edward Jones hosts students and educators to participate in a non-consecutive, five day, half-day workshop over the course of an academic year. Their associates, associates from local businesses, and educators have the opportunity not only to increase diversity awareness and encourage respect and acceptance but to also mentor today’s youth. The program gives students the tools to become leaders within their schools and help break down walls that separate students from each other. Each session focused on a specific topic, introduction to stereotypes, religious intolerance, race and multiculturalism, disability awareness and sexual orientation and gender identity. Providing snacks, lunches, a Give Respect Get Respect t-shirt for every participant and Cardinals tickets at no cost demonstrates that Edward Jones has truly invested in not only making this a meaningful but fun experience. The activities, discussions and a safe place to talk about sensitive topics had a powerful impact on the students as reflected in the following feedback after having experienced this empowering program.

“I could be open with my thoughts and viewpoints without others judging. Along with that I was able to gather new perspectives because of others’ input. I also enjoyed going to the Holocaust Museum because we listened to a survivor with was a great experience all together.” Oliva Lopez—Health Sciences

“We learned how to approach people who are discriminating others and how to support those who need it. People made sure to respect others opinions and create a comfortable, welcome environment for others to speak freely.” Nadia Decker—Veterinary Assistant

“The GRGR program is one of the best programs I have ever had the privilege to be a part of. I learned so much about how to be accepting and how to advocate for others. Everyone can be an ally, you just have to reach out. This program gave me the courage to reach out and I will always be grateful for that.” Emily Dunn—Veterinary Assistant

“GRGR made me feel that not only will I leave with a better understanding but eager to speak up and be more helpful and aware of those around me. The program made me feel encouraged and curious all at once.” Dominique Aldridge—Pharmacy Sciences

“This program puts a lot of time and effort into making sure each student and adult knows how it feels to go through different problems just because someone is different.” Kamia Davis—Pharmacy Sciences

“I really like conversing with the associates and hearing what they had to say. I learned that the woman who is blind dreams in scents and sounds instead of images and how she picks out her clothes. I learned that you should never assume someone’s gender or sexuality because it can hurt the person. I also learned about the different parts of someone’s life that can fall away when they come out.” Kelaiah Killmade—Veterinary Assistant

“The darker the night, the brighter the stars. Even when your life is dark and dreary you can always look for the little stars in your sky that can brighten your world. What GRGR taught me was that it’s perfectly fine to be different. Everybody should stand beside each other even if you feel alone and different you can always find someone to push you forward.” Zelun He—Health Sciences

“When I used to see people with disabilities I would assume they needed help and try to help. I learned how to ask and offer before doing. I learned how to be a better ally and stick up for those who are bullied for being LGTQBI. Mekayla Caruthers—Early Childhood Education

“We talked about our own personal experiences and how we can stop and inform others about bullying and how it affects the community.” Xyon Dubose-Scott—Veterinary Assistant

“When I first started the GRGR program, I didn’t expect to meet the people I did and learn so much. Every person I interacted with gave me a new perspective. This program provided a great opportunity to find out who you are and become more self-aware.” Rebecca Gorman—Early Childhood Education

“GRGR program as a whole was an amazing experience and I recommend it to everyone.” Katherine Sanders—Veterinary Assistant

“The way people treat each other is crazy. This taught me a lot about how to go about things. When you see a LGBTQI person getting bullied you should stick up for them and help them.” Vanessa Holweg—Early Childhood Education

“I learned a lot and it was exciting getting out of my comfort zone. Meeting new people was cool.” Hailey Burt—Early Childhood Education

“Some of the talks we had touched me and gave me a new outlook to carry in life. The program expanded my mind on different people and to accept everyone. Hearing personal, life experiences hit me in the heart and I loved hearing their stories.” Phanaysia Harrold

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