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Welding Program Earns Emerson Grant

When it comes to welding technical education to lifelong careers, it’s hard to find anyone more qualified than Mr. Adam Holt, Welding instructor and Emerson Excellence in Teaching Award winner. Mr. Holt and his South Tech class were presented with the $5,000 award by Emerson’s Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility, Mr. Dave Rabe, on Wednesday, May 16th.

Emerson Electric honors 100 educators each year in the St. Louis area with the Emerson Excellence in Teaching Award. Those educators are offered a unique opportunity to apply for Emerson’s Gold Star Grants through a highly competitive process.

Mr. Rabe addressed the Welding class when he presented the award. He explained that Emerson Electric selects award recipients who have demonstrated a commitment to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) skills in their curricula and instruction.

Mr. Holt credits his students for having earned the award. He stated, “The reason I am able to win awards like this is because I have such great students. My students come here and work hard every day.”

The funds from the grant will be used to purchase a handheld plasma cutter and welding machine. These state-of-the-art tools will enable the South Tech Welding students to better prepare for college and career readiness leading to high-demand and lucrative welding careers.

Following the award, the students were treated to a cake reception in honor of their teacher, Mr. Holt. The students are excited to be on the cutting edge of technology and are looking forward to a bright future, thanks to Mr. Holt and his Emerson Gold Star Grant award.

Industries Seeking South Tech Talent

Our Construction Innovations and Welding juniors are being sought by area employers. Representatives from several St. Louis construction-related contracting and design firms presented to our students last week and shared comprehensive presentations about the opportunities available.

Industry partners in attendance were AMF Electric, Mosby Building Arts, ABF Security, the Independent Electrical Contractors, and Roeslein Engineering, Fabricators & Design. All emphasized that jobs are available and they are eager to hire young, talented, and ambitious new employees. South Tech students were able to ask questions and meet with the representatives after their presentations.

Barclay Hirth, COI and Electrical Trades instructor and organizer of the event, said he was pleased with the level of engagement and the interest among students. Creating opportunities for our students to meet directly with employers is a key contribution our teachers provide to enhance instruction. Students appreciate meeting with mentoring employees, human resource professionals, and others from their program’s related industries. We are always ready to meet with new companies who would like to join our schools as industry partners. If you or your company would  like to explore a partnership with Tech, please contact Kevin Andert, our Manager of College and Career Readiness, at 989-8256 or KGAndert@ssdmo.org.

South Tech’s Dental Sciences and Fire/EMT students are sponsoring a gift drive to benefit young people served by the Moolah Shriners. On November 15, a warehouse fire destroyed many of the gifts the Moolah Shriners had collected for distribution at their annual Christmas dinner. Our students are collecting donations for ages 13-25 to help replace what was lost in the fire. Donations should be brought to the South Tech’s gym at 12721 West Watson Road, Sunset Hills, Missouri, on December 4th from 7:30 am to 2:00 pm or dropped off at the main office during schools days prior to the collection date. All gifts must be new and unwrapped. Suggested donations are:
  • Art Supplies/Kits
  • Movies/CD’s
  • Books
  • Comics
  • Games – Board/Card
  • Models (cars, planes, etc.)
  • Make-Up
  • Earphones
  • Magazines
  • Gift Cards
  • Puzzles
  • Jewelry Kits
  • New Clothes/Socks
  • Nail Polish
  • Window Art
  • Hair Accessories
  • Coloring Books
  • Fidget Spinners
  • Sketch Books
  • Gingerbread House Kits
  • DIY Ornaments
Auto Body Cruises STL Shops

Auto Body students were given a 4 shop tour of St. Louis last month which included a visit to the Classic Car Studio (CCS), the filming location of the program “Speed is the New Black” which airs on Velocity.  Owner of CCS, Noah Alexander, showed the students around the entire shop and allowed them to get up close views of some of the vehicle restorations that have been featured on the show.

Giving this kind of access and attention to our students reinforces one of the goals Alexander had for  “Speed”.   He was asked by the online publication Hagerty what he hoped audiences would take away from show when it premiered in 2017 and he replied, “This is an industry where it’s hard to find people who are good with their hands and who can create and build things—and finding these people gets harder every year. Part of the reason for this, I think, is that the education system doesn’t really provide a lot of opportunities for kids who might be inclined toward these kinds of skills. I know when I was in school I never knew that this was something I could be doing. I figured I would be in a cubicle somewhere selling life insurance, or maybe I’d be a doctor or a lawyer. I just knew that if I didn’t have some kind of corporate future, I’d be a nobody. I really want to inform another generation of kids that they can do this. Let’s show kids what’s possible. If they want to go to college, great. If not, that’s fine, too. They can go become a skilled craftsman or a tradesperson or an entrepreneur. They can do really well at those things in life.”

Students also toured two Schaefer Collision Centers and Central Auto Body and discovered South Tech grads at both locations.  At Schaefer, students were hosted by 2014 graduates Bradley Beckham and Kyle Neely.  Both have been employed by Schaefer for several years.  Additionally, Neely hosts his own Facebook site called “Blue Collar Kyle” in which he does demo videos and hosts discussions on auto body repair.

Central Auto Body is owned by South Tech graduate Chris Becker who gave our students lots of information about upcoming needs in industry and opportunities for our students.

Industry tours and visits like these help South Tech ensure that our students graduate with real world skills.  To learn more about openings in our transportation programs, visit our programs page at http://southtechnical.org/programs/. Additional information about the sites visited can be found at the following links:  CCS – http://www.classiccarstudio.com/speedshop/, Schaefer Auto Body – http://www.schaeferautobody.com/, Central Auto Body – https://www.carwise.com/auto-body-shops/central-auto-body-rebuilders-inc-maplewood-mo-63143/469791

South Tech Students Win 22 Medals in SkillsUSA District Competitions
South Tech students participated in the SkillsUSA Leadership and Technical Test contests last week and brought back another 56 medals.  Now that district-level contests are complete, state contest participants will be announced soon. Congratulations to this dedicated group of competitors!

Leadership Contest Results

Amanda Ohlau Action Skills 1st
Ashley Queen Action Skills 2nd
Brent Thomas Action Skills 5th
Jordan Ware Action Skills 3rd
Hadley Mcneill Customer Service 1st
Shilen Patel Customer Service 5th
Nakailah Shields-Robinson Customer Service 6th
Kobe Stevens Customer Service 2nd
Abigail Champion Employment Application Process 2nd
Robert Fox Employment Application Process 3rd
Jake Sage Employment Application Process 1st
Extemporaneous Speaking 4th
Christopher Rousan Extemporaneous Speaking 1st
Marcus Stokes Extemporaneous Speaking 3rd
Samuel Gregory Job Demonstration A 1st
Joseph Haynes Job Demonstration A 5th
Job Demonstration A 4th
Emma Radel Job Demonstration A 8th
Juwan Rice Job Demonstration A 2nd
Najda Samardzic Job Demonstration A 9th
Leah Atkins Job Demonstration Open 1st
Joshua Kuehnle Job Demonstration Open 2nd
Jotham Flores Job Interview 1st
Trevor Sirles Job Interview 6th
Joseph Steinhoff Ohlau – Model model
Chloe Bick Pin Design 1st
Julia Lutzenberger Pin Design 2nd
Julian Archer Prepared Speech 4th
Prepared Speech 1st
Erika Buneta Promotional Bulletin Bd 4th
Olivia Shoemake Promotional Bulletin Bd 4th
Megan Stephens Promotional Bulletin Bd 4th
Natalie Mccabe Queen – Model model
Michael Bertke Quiz Bowl 2nd
Benjamin Bodily Quiz Bowl 2nd
Andre Cotton Quiz Bowl 2nd
Benjamin Kotthoff Quiz Bowl 2nd
Lindsay Perrett Quiz Bowl 2nd
Hayley Cobb Quiz Bowl 1st
Sofia Belisle Quiz Bowl 1st
Ashlynne Dietrich Quiz Bowl 1st
Xyon Dubose Quiz Bowl 1st
Kai Hoffmann Quiz Bowl 1st
Michael Crunkleton T-Shirt Design 2nd
Meghan Kindle T-Shirt Design 7th
Erik Lucy T-Shirt Design 1st

Technical Tests Results

Brett Schoenberger Precision Machining Technical Information 1st
Anna Nguyen Advertising Design Technical Information 1st
Megan Stephens Advertising Design Technical Information 2nd
Erik Lucy Advertising Design Technical Information 2nd
Chloe Bick Advertising Design Technical Information 3rd
Chris Rousan Carpentry Technical Information 1st
Christopher Moore Computer Networking Technical Information 1st
Steven Chalmers Computer Networking Technical Information 3rd
Mylo Counts Computer Repair Technical Information 2nd
Nathan Scott Computer Repair Technical Information 3rd
Joseph Cato HVAC-R Technical Information 2nd
Zachary Dillon HVAC-R Technical Information 3rd (tie)
Andrew Fischer HVAC-R Technical Information 3rd (tie)
Emily Mask Medical Math 1st
Jacob Brauner Medical Math 2nd
John Werner Power Equipment Technical Information 1st
Dominic Lane Precision Machining Technical Information 3rd
Alex Bathke Related Technical Math 1st
Chris Rousan Related Technical Math 2nd
Evan Fitzgerald Related Technical Math 3rd (tie)
Ethan Schrunk Related Technical Math 3rd (tie)
Logan Roderick Residential Wiring Technical Information 1st
Alex Bathke Technical Spelling 1st
Nathan Flecke Welding Technical Information 1st
Samuel Aufmuth Welding Technical Information 2nd (tie)
Paul Gilmore Welding Technical Information 2nd (tie)
AGC Missouri Kicks off BuildMO Week with Tech

North Tech hosted a press conference this week for the Associated General Contractors of Missouri (AGCMO) to celebrate BuildMO Week, Oct. 2-6, a weeklong celebration of the construction industry in Missouri.

Leonard Toenjes, CAE, president, AGC of Missouri, spoke about the economic impact of construction on Missouri’s economy and welcomed St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger; Thomas P. Schneider, Mayor, City of Florissant; and Tom Heeger, Co-Chair, St. Louis Construction Cooperative.

Toenjes noted that construction is a major driver of Missouri’s economy, employing more than 118,700 in August (seasonally adjusted) persons throughout the state.

In 2016, U.S. GDP totaled $18.6 trillion; construction contributed $784 billion (4.2 percent). In Missouri, construction contributed $11 billion (3.7 percent) of the state’s GDP of $301 billion. Construction wages and salaries in 2016 totaled $408 billion in the U.S., including $7.0 billion in Missouri. The U.S. had 682,000 construction firms in 2015, of which 92 percent employed fewer than 20 workers. Missouri had 13,000 construction firms in 2015, of which 91 percent were small (fewer than 20 employees.) SOURCE: AGC of America: State of Missouri Economic Report, Sept. 26, 2017

Toenjes also noted that a “perfect storm is forming in our industry.” He said that, due to retirements, demographics and the 2008 downturn in the economy, a shortage of trained construction workers has reached critical levels in Missouri and throughout the country. Results from a recent workforce survey by AGC of America indicate the shortage threatens to hold back the entire U.S. economy.

“Seventy-one percent of Missouri contractors recently surveyed noted they are having difficulty filling some hourly craft positions and 20 percent report they are having difficulty filling some salaried field positions,” noted Toenjes. “Forty-one percent report they are having difficulty filling some office salaried positions.”

“This is why the career and technical education programs provided at North Technical High School and other schools throughout our state are so important,” added Toenjes. “The hiring situation is very favorable right now for students trained in the trades. According to the U.S. Dept. of Labor, construction and extraction employment is projected to grow 10 percent between 2014 and 2024. And, according to new data released last week by the AGC of America, in 2016, annual pay of all construction workers in the U.S. averaged $58,600, 10 percent more than the average for all private sector employees. Construction workers’ pay in Missouri averaged $56,000, 20 percent more than all private sector employees in the state.

“Construction is an excellent career path for today’s young people,” added Toenjes. “New technologies like Building Information Modeling, drones, innovative building methods and new materials are transforming the way we design and build everything. The sky’s the limit for a young person entering our industry today.”

North and South Technical High Schools recently updated their construction curriculum to ensure that students see many career paths in the industry during their first year. By rotating through immersive, real-world projects in four core areas of carpentry, construction trades, electrical trades, and HVAC, North Technical students choose their second-year curriculum with focus and purpose.  South Tech also offers a Floor Layers Middle Apprenticeship option in the second year.

“The Construction Innovations structure at North and South Tech allows students to maintain interest in the first year of the Construction Trades Programs by exposing them to nine-week bursts of interesting projects and equipment function,” said Dr. David Baker, Assistant Superintendent of College and Career Readiness for Special School District. “These are 16- and 17- year-old young men and women and we must gain their interest in the field before we can prepare them to move forward as part of the construction workforce.  The program is dependent upon the strength of our instructors and their sincere interest in student success and competence in their respective fields is what ensures program success.”

BuildMO Week activities began yesterday with a news conference at Ozarks Technical Community College in Springfield, MO, with officials announcing the establishment of a new AGCMO student chapter at OTC. Additional AGCMO networking and training events also are scheduled throughout the week. Students from North Technical High School’s Culinary Program provided refreshments for the St. Louis kickoff event.

To view the results of AGCMO workforce survey, click here: AGC Workforce Survey (https://www.agc.org/sites/default/files/Files/Communications/2017_Workforce_Survey_Missouri.pdf

To learn more about AGCMO, click here: https://www.agcmo.org/.

Information in this posting provided by the AGC of Missouri.

Competition in a Box Hosted by HBA

On Thursday, April 26, students from North and South Tech  Home Builders Association of Greater St. Louis (HBA) student chapter competed in “Competition in a Box,” a one-day event designed to introduce students to the home building industry. The event was held at Payne Family Homes and included opportunities to network with representatives from industry, a catered lunch, and generous gift bags for each participant.

The competition is designed in a “trivia” format and involves complex questions about blueprints and construction methods. The HBA’s goal for the student chapter is to connect members with students to provide job shadowing, internships, and opportunities after graduation. The hope is that this will create a pipeline of talent for the industry while providing high-paying jobs for graduates.

North Tech brought 3 teams of competitors:  Team 1:  Jessica Myers, Maurice Hall, and Keyshawn Outlaw; Team 2: Cedric Perry, Donovan Shivers, and Desmond Lee; Team 3:  Pereze Dodd, Vandeja Keller, and Kobe Dozier.  South Tech brought 2 teams:  Team 1:  Jordan Ware, Chris Rousan, and Joe Peck; Team 2:  Joe Lynch, Brycen Williams, and Logan Sheehan.  Four Rivers Career Center also brought a team.  Students who were interested in Construction Management were invited to compete, but all have a variety of pathways they plan to pursue after graduation.  Some are already enrolled in college courses in Construction Management, some are planning to begin college this fall, and others are interested in joining the Carpenter’s Union or going straight to work.  All are leaving high school with the skills and industry recognized credentials sought by the prospective employers who co-hosted the competition.

Atlas 46, DeWalt Tools, Home Depot and St. Louis-Kansas City Carpenters Regional Council sponsored prizes for the winners. Other sponsors included ABF Security (breakfast), Spire (lunch) and Associated Bank (beverages). Members of the HBA’s Professional Women in Building Council donated gift cards and items for participating students.

The competition’s first place winner was Four Rivers and South Tech’s two teams each placed second and third. Both North and South Tech students volunteered to participate in this challenging competition and impressed sponsors and industry representatives.

Mercy Technology Services Seeking South Tech Candidates

Our Web and Computer Programming, CISCO Networking Academy, and Information Technology and Graphics students have a new industry partner, Mercy Technology Services (MTS). MTS provides all of the information technology support for Mercy Hospitals and their corporate clients throughout the United States.

MTS has partnered with South Tech to aid in exposing high school students interested in IT careers to the diverse opportunities in their organization and begin identifying students who will be candidates for a new job-shadowing program. As Mercy continues to grow, their need for qualified IT professionals is expanding and South Tech students are learning the skills and earning the certifications required for many employment opportunities at MTS. The program will pair students with MTS mentors who will facilitate student preparation and exploration to support building a strong pipeline of future employees. Our instructors will select candidates based on attendance, interest, and mastery of curriculum skills.

Recently, MTS launched the program by hosting our students over three consecutive Wednesdays for tours led by Lead Service Technician Jessica Garner. Garner brought students to several departments including Project Management, the MTS Network Operations Center, and the Service Center. Each department shared information with students that tied their daily responsibilities to the curriculum in our programs and answered questions. In the service center, students were allowed to have a brief shadow experience fielding calls as they were coming into the help desk.

More information about our IT programs can be found here http://southtechnical.org/programs/. To learn more about Mercy Technology Services, click here https://www.mercytechnology.net/.

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