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Month: December 2016

MRH Gets a Gift from South Tech

Precision Machining instructor Bob Arcipowski and South Tech Principal Jake Lohse delivered a special donation to the students of Maplewood-Richmond Heights High last month.

Last spring, Principal Mike Dittrich of MRH Middle school asked South Tech for some help. Skating students were taking their boards to the halls of the school and he needed a secure solution that encouraged students to keep their boards outside.

Our Precision Machining students went to work designing a skateboard rack. With input from MRH skaters who would be using the rack, Brad Landis (Oakville) and Caleb Harter (Home School) developed an attractive solution that kept boards safe and secure. Brad bent all the tubing, while Caleb fabricated the plates and welded the entire structure together.

Thank you to MRH Middle for allowing our students to create this project!

South Tech Prepares Students for St. Louis's Fastest Growing Occupations

The Missouri Economic Research and Information Center (MERIC) released the 2015-2017 St. Louis Region Fastest Growing Occupations report and South Technical High School prepares students for 17 of the 20 fastest growing occupations in St. Louis.

More than half of the fastest-growing occupations are in the construction industry. South Tech’s Carpentry, Construction Trades, Electrical Trades, and Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) prepare students for 12 of the 20 fastest growing occupations in St. Louis. These occupations include Electricians, Sheet Metal Workers, Pipefitters, Construction Equipment Operators, and Cement Masons.

In addition to construction, the fastest growing occupations list includes jobs in health care, education, manufacturing, and information technology. These occupations include Web Developers, Preschool Teachers, and Computer-Controlled Machine Tool Operators. South Tech’s Health Sciences, Early Childhood Education, Precision Machining, and Web & Computer Programming programs prepare students for these fast growing careers.

The career and technical education programs at South Tech provide students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to walk into St. Louis’s fastest growing occupations.

The full MERIC report can be found here.

South Tech’s Culinary Art’s students recently participated in one of the year’s tastiest competitions!

South Tech’s Culinary Art’s students recently participated in one of the year’s tastiest competitions! The Incredi-Bowl of Ice Cream, a collaborative event hosted by our Technical High Schools, Forest Park Community College, and Hickey College, was held on November 12th at STLCC’s Forest Park Student Center. Hundreds of ice cream enthusiasts attended to sample the wide variety of flavors offered up by St. Louis culinary students.

South Tech’s own Chryssi Magee won the People’s Choice Award for her delicious Gooey Butter Cake flavor. Our 10 competitors joined the rest of our students (23 in all) by selling baked goods to compliment the ice cream. Dean’s Country Fresh donated all of the ice cream mix used in the competition, helping support our student effort to raise a total of $2100 for our culinary scholarship fund.

The Culinary Arts major at South Tech is an immersive and engaging career and technical education (CTE) class for students who want to explore and prepare for a career or college major. CTE courses let students see for themselves the “world of work”, giving them a solid foundation of information and experience on which to build their career goals. Watch for South Tech’s Culinary Team at various competitions throughout the year!

More photos from the competition can be seen at https://www.enjoyalocal.com/events.html.

Welding Skills Pay Off for South Tech Graduate
Aaron Dunse, a Parkway South Alumni and a 2013 graduate from South Tech, stopped by to visit to his former instructor Mr. Holt.
Aaron Dunse, a Parkway South Alumni and a 2013 graduate from South Tech, stopped by to visit to his former instructor Mr. Holt.

Aaron Dunse, a Parkway South Alumni and a 2013 graduate of South Tech, stopped by on Thursday, December 1st, to pay a visit to his former instructor Mr. Holt and show off his weekly paychecks. On average Aaron grosses $5300 per week and clears roughly $3500 per week. In the past 5 months, he has grossed over 70,000 dollars!

Aaron started making this shortly after graduating from the Missouri Welding Institute when he became employed by JV Industrial Company which is based out of Texas. Aaron is a specialized pipe welder and he travels the countryside working in power plants and oil refineries during their shutdown periods. Aaron enjoys what he does and possesses a skill that is highly sought after in this industry.

Aaron told Mr. Holt…

I don’t know where I’d be if it wasn’t for the welding class at Tech. I am very thankful I made the decision to choose this career path.

Aaron’s advice to students considering South Tech would be…

…if you’re going to do it, put forth everything you have.

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